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Our Mission

To create a healthier, safer, cleaner environment. Our World, Our Home, Our Commitment.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide environmental friendly cleaning solutions through green sustainable programs that take care of your environment at affordable prices so that any company or residence no matter how big or small can benefit from better in-door air quality.

Privacy Policy

The Conditions of Exchange:

At CleanServ we train our employees with the Conditions of exchange:
1- Condition #1 =STEELING= Customer pays and we don't deliver, we don't clean.
2- Condition #2 =PARTIAL= Customer pays and we only clean partially, half way done.
3- Condition #3 = FAIR= Customer pays and we do exactly what was agreed.
4- Condition #4 = ABUNDANCE= Customer pays and we deliver more than expected, we do the extra mile.

Quality Control

Our Quality Control Program is designed to ensure we provide a superior building cleaning service that helps to create healthy work environments.

We begin by hiring honest employees. Our quality program includes in-house training of all our personnel before they're assigned to a building. They apprentice on-site under supervisors until they have a full grasp of the janitorial services. All work is done by responsible employees who take pride in their work.

To ensure a high quality cleaning service, we schedule random supervision inspections. We do these according to a specific checklist to verify that each area is maintained to our high standards. Our supervisors make observations and follow up to resolve them immediately.

Based on the characteristics of the building, the supervisor conducts periodical inspections. These are done according to a specified checklist that includes all the details required to maintaining a clean and healthy environment. All of our customer sites are inspected by a supervisor at least once a month.

We offer our clients the option to complete a monthly survey on the performance of the cleaning personnel assigned to their business. This helps us ensure a high quality of service for all our customers.

We also perform quarterly walk-through inspections with one of the owners of CleanServ and you, the customer, to ensure everything is done to your satisfaction. This is a more in-depth inspection and walk through to ensure that nothing gets overlooked.

Our goal is to provide the best building cleaning service in the area. We strive to exceed customer expectations. We believe this creates an atmosphere of abundance for everyone.